Writing’s on the Wall

I’ve been here before
But always hit the floor
I’ve spent a lifetime running
And I always get away
But with you I’m feeling something
That makes me want to stay

I went to Cwtch tonight, and found some cute frames with some very awesome sayings on them. They were once Koala, so don’t let the name steer you wrong. I do recommend you to hop over to their store on The Pea sim and take a look at the treasures to be had!



Koala (Also known as Cwtch)- Rock your gypsy soul Framed Print (Wall)
Koala.(Also known as Cwtch) Darling (Dark) Wall
Koala.(Also known as Cwtch) Bra Off (Dark) Wall
Koala  (Also known as Cwtch)- Be A Pineapple Framed Print (Wall)

Writing’s On the Wall