A Long Night

Hello lovelies! Necrosis is back for another round and this time it’s all about the slippery and sucky! No, you perverts, not THAT! It’s Leviathan time! I dunno what it is about tentacles, but I feel so…sorry, sorry, here I am talking about y’all being perverts…I forgot this is a family show. Get it together Ally! Sheesh!

Anyways, below are my pretties for this latest round. It is running from March 26 – April 9, 2021, so you still have time to check out the amazing pretties waiting for you! Go! Go now, or I will sick Cthulhu on you!

I am also on location of a newly built (and still building) Cyberpunk themed sim I am partnering on with two others! It is based off a book Durgasin Beornssen wrote in RL and he took what is in his brain and put it into Second Life. I tell him all the time he has such a beautiful brain, and y’all need to check it out! I featured a smaller version at one time, but this is a much bigger version of it. Another Earth: Chicago Chronicles will feature a cyberpunk fantasy roleplay based upon the Another Earth setting. Enter an alternate reality Earth where magic, high tech, cybernetics, the supernatural, and faith in the gods collide in Chicago, the City of Dragons. We are going to have live events, RP sessions, book readings from the author, a quarterly fashion event, and so. much. more! Come check us out!

Click here to go to Another Earth !

.:What I Am Wearing:.

Body: Maitreya – Lara
Head: LeLUTKA – Nova.
Eyes: Came With The Head
Shape: H2 – SHAPE KOOKIE for Lelu Nova (Edited to fit my likes ;P)
Skin: Face – Not Found & Body – theSkinnery

Stealthic – Plush

Normandy-556.Set @Necrosis – Leviathan

.:BoD:. Kraken Ears @Necrosis – Leviathan
GERMINAL – AKYLIOS TATTOO @Necrosis – Leviathan
[AA] Lady Lovecraft Stilettos @Necrosis – Leviathan