The Conjuring

Pound me the witch drums, witch drums
Pound me the witch drums
Pound me the witch drums, the witch drums
Better pray for hell, not hallelujah

I’m the curled up fists
Dead and hardened spiders
Like two mangled crowns
On the white heads of the meanest coiled snakes
Folks say that I
Look like Death
Lived in the hotel of my eyes

I so love this month! Thank you again to my FAB event sponsors, Dark Passions and Masquerade Productions. I got some more goodies from Trick or Treat Lane and Salem by Garden of Shadows. The witchy side of me is so so happy! Hope you all enjoy ♥

Dark Passions Presents: Treat or Treat Lane 2018


Masquerade Productions Presents Garden of Shadows – Salem 

GoSF Salem

.:What I Am Wearing:.

The Usual…
Body: Maitreya – Lara | Skin: Izzie’s – Kayta | Head: .LeLutka. Head.Bianca 3.0 | Makeup: Comes With the Head Hud | Eyes:  *Queen oF Ink [Delicious] – Kiwi Eyes | Shape: Mine.


:::Sn@tch Wednesday Hair @ToTL 2018 🎃


{{zOOm}} Goth Dress MAITREYA @ToTL 2018 🎃
{{zOOm}} Goth Shoes MAITREYA @ToTL 2018 🎃
{{zOOm}} Bento Gloves Maitreya @ToTL 2018 🎃
{{zOOm}} Witch Hat @ToTL 2018 🎃
{{zOOm}} Broom @ToTL 2018 🎃


VileCult – Rebella @ToTL 2018 🎃
VileCult – Satina @ToTL 2018 🎃
!TLB – Monochrome Necklace @Masquerade Productions Presents Salem


-Extra- Conjuring @ToTL 2018 🎃




This Used To Be a Fun House…

But, now it’s full of evil clowns…

Happy Halloween Month my pretties! I am focusing on more items from Trick or Treat Lane held by Dark Passions this post. There are some great goodies to grab and each creator has a free gift! You don’t want to miss that, because as soon as the event is over, so are the gifties!

Thank you to my wonderful event sponsor ❤

Dark Passions Presents: Treat or Treat Lane 2018TRICKORTREATLANE101218


.:Items From ToTL:.

Raindale – Shadewoods table @ToTL 2018 🎃

LiViD : Jack O Lights Garland (resizable on touch) @ToTL 2018 🎃
LiViD : Jack O Lantern 2 Black (resizable on touch) @ToTL 2018 🎃

:Z.S: Pendulum Holder – ToTL @ToTL 2018 🎃

.:Other items to make the look complete:.

:[P]:- Coffe Couch [Angel Eyes] @Salem 2018 
:[P]:- Coffe Chair [Angel Eyes] @Salem 2018 

*HEXtraordinary* Nope Cat – Bat Nope @October 2018 Arcade 

Apple Fall Period Fireplace – Black

MadPea Magical Sweeping Broom

[ a i s l i n g ] Black Rug


Devil Inside


Devil inside
The devil inside
Every single one of us
The devil inside

Devil inside
Every single one of us
The devil inside

Here come the world
With the look in its eye
Future uncertain but certainly slight
Look at the faces listen to the bells
It’s hard to believe we need a place called hell
A place called hell


Ow! Love me some Halloween…have I mentioned that yet?! Another post from TDCF Halloween event. Just another sexy devil hanging around…what will you be this year? Sexy devil…fallen angel…TDCF has it covered! Stop down there TODAY! You really don’t want to miss the awesome things to be had 😉




Poster TDCF Halloween event


.:What I Am Wearing:.

Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: Izzie’s – Fae
Head: .LeLutka.Head.Bianca 3.0
Hair: TRUTH / Apple
Eyes: W:6 my white eyes  @ ~TDCF~ Halloween
Shape: Mine.


Tooty Fruity – Sexy Devil Top Maitreya @ ~TDCF~ Halloween
Tooty Fruity – Sexy Devil Skirt Maitreya @ ~TDCF~ Halloween
Tooty Fruity – Sexy Devil Boots Maitreya @ ~TDCF~ Halloween
Tooty Fruity – Sexy Devil Fork @ ~TDCF~ Halloween
Tooty Fruity – Sexy Devil Headband @ ~TDCF~ Halloween


[MLC] Bloody Peepers Makeup @ ~TDCF~ Halloween


Serendipity: madara… (5 mirror) @ ~TDCF~ Halloween


DRD – Bloodcroft Castle @ DRD MAINSTORE
TSO-Adult Jack-O-Lanternv2 @ ~TDCF~ Halloween

Grave Robber

Grave Robber, Grave Robber
Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother.
Graver Robber, Grave Robber
Sometimes, I wonder why I need you at all.


October! October! It’s my most favorite month of the year! I am a Blogger for this round of The Darkness Chamber Fair “Halloween”, again! I am so excited to be apart of it again, and super excited to show you some of the great stuff this round! It opens today, October 11th 2017! It will run until November 1st 2017, so you got time…but not much! Get your boo-tay over there and check it out.


Poster TDCF Halloween event



[AD] [GrimWood] Cemetery BOXED @ ~TDCF~ Halloween


Crisp, Cool, Autumn Day

Halloween is coming soon! And PILOT has these super cute Jack-o-Lantern hanging lamps and other pumpkin decor. They are all a MUST for any Halloween decor! Check them out below paired with a cottage from Trompe Loeil.


Trompe Loeil – Mia Glass Cottage + Curtains
PILOT – Barrel Pumpkin Display
PILOT – Crate Pumpkin Display
PILOT – Hanging Pumpkin Lanterns
FG tree 4 tinyautumn 2 (COPY)
.:SHD:. Autumn Leaves (Birch, with particles) Groundcover, copyable