The Conjuring

Pound me the witch drums, witch drums
Pound me the witch drums
Pound me the witch drums, the witch drums
Better pray for hell, not hallelujah

I’m the curled up fists
Dead and hardened spiders
Like two mangled crowns
On the white heads of the meanest coiled snakes
Folks say that I
Look like Death
Lived in the hotel of my eyes

I so love this month! Thank you again to my FAB event sponsors, Dark Passions and Masquerade Productions. I got some more goodies from Trick or Treat Lane and Salem by Garden of Shadows. The witchy side of me is so so happy! Hope you all enjoy ♥

Dark Passions Presents: Treat or Treat Lane 2018


Masquerade Productions Presents Garden of Shadows – Salem 

GoSF Salem

.:What I Am Wearing:.

The Usual…
Body: Maitreya – Lara | Skin: Izzie’s – Kayta | Head: .LeLutka. Head.Bianca 3.0 | Makeup: Comes With the Head Hud | Eyes:  *Queen oF Ink [Delicious] – Kiwi Eyes | Shape: Mine.


:::Sn@tch Wednesday Hair @ToTL 2018 🎃


{{zOOm}} Goth Dress MAITREYA @ToTL 2018 🎃
{{zOOm}} Goth Shoes MAITREYA @ToTL 2018 🎃
{{zOOm}} Bento Gloves Maitreya @ToTL 2018 🎃
{{zOOm}} Witch Hat @ToTL 2018 🎃
{{zOOm}} Broom @ToTL 2018 🎃


VileCult – Rebella @ToTL 2018 🎃
VileCult – Satina @ToTL 2018 🎃
!TLB – Monochrome Necklace @Masquerade Productions Presents Salem


-Extra- Conjuring @ToTL 2018 🎃




Tell Me Who You Are…

Tell me who you are. I am spellbound
You cannot have this control on me
Everywhere I go I am spellbound
I will break the spell you put on me


I am totally stoked for my new event sponsor, Dark Passions Events : Gothic Garage Sale  III. They just started an exciting new round, and from what I have seen, there are so many amazing creators and items out there for low prices, it is almost a steal!. Hop on the train and check it out!

Dark Passions Events Presents: Gothic Garage Sale 

Gothic Garage Sale III 2018






.:What I Am Wearing:.

The Usual…
Body: Maitreya – Lara | Skin: Izzie’s – Kayta | Head: .LeLutka. Head.Bianca 3.0 | Makeup: Comes With the Head Hud | Eyes: Az… Shadow Eyes @GGSIII – July/August 2018 **NEW| Shape: Mine.

TRUTH / Lilo


[WitchCraft] Sugar Skull animals Maitreya @GGSIII – July/August 2018 **NEW
[WitchCraft] Sugar Skull animals Maitreya – panties @GGSIII – July/August 2018 **NEW
!TLB – Lia Stockings @GGSIII – July/August 2018 **NEW


BLAXIUM -Aris Nails- Bento (w/o stones) MTY
::OOPS:: Sweet Nightmares Pillow (Holdable) {wearing black version} @GGSIII – July/August 2018 **NEW
:Z.S: Ash Collar @GGSIII – July/August 2018 **NEW


Dragon Magick Wares – Lunar Bast Rug @GGSIII – July/August 2018 **NEW
{C&C} Hand of Fate Candle – Left @GGSIII – July/August 2018 **NEW
{C&C} Hand of Fate Candle – Right @GGSIII – July/August 2018 **NEW
::OOPS:: Sweet Nightmares Pillow (Decoration) – Stars @GGSIII – July/August 2018 **NEW
::OOPS:: Sweet Nightmares Pillow (Decoration) – Ouija @GGSIII – July/August 2018 **NEW
::OOPS:: Sweet Nightmares Pillow (Decoration) – Devil Signs @GGSIII – July/August 2018 **NEW




Love Like Lies

I don’t dream much anymore,
‘cos sleep don’t come easy for,
A fool who’s failed at everything,
There’s no way that I’m making it through,
I don’t feel myself at all,
As you rise I slowly fall,
So I choke and I ache,
On my own jealously,
No I’ll never be happy for you.

(Oh no)
You can’t rely on me,
(I don’t know)
If I can rely on you,
(I’m no good)
Don’t ever rely on me,
Just let me rely on you.


So, it is the month of love… *gags*. I don’t usually favor the month of February, even though it is my birthday month, but everyone goes way too crazy on the love junk. Fortunately, we have a brand new round of The Darkness Chamber Fair to coddle my little dark heart throughout the month! There is so much sexy…I had to start with a piece from W:6 first!


Going to start with just clothing for this round of TDCF…enjoy loves! ♥



.:What I Am Wearing:.

Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: Izzie’s – Fae
Head: .LeLutka.Head.Bianca 3.0
Hair: W:6 Harper Mesh Hair white @ TDCF – Cyber Edition!
Eyes: :Z.S: Sting Eyes @ TDCF – Cyber Edition!
Shape: Mine.


W:6 eilla bodysuit @ TDCF – Cyber Edition!


!TLB – Tera Dermals @ TDCF – Cyber Edition!

Serendipity: janet… (3) @ TDCF – Cyber Edition!
Serendipity: efforts… (4) @ TDCF – Cyber Edition!
Serendipity: hover – 2… (1) @ TDCF – Cyber Edition!


 FOXCITY. KPOP STAR – 7 – I Am The Best (Common)

I Put A Spell On You

I put a spell on you
Because you’re mine
Stop the things you do
Watch out, I ain’t lyin’
Yeah, I can’t stand it
You’re runnin’ around
I can’t stand it
No, put me down
The Darkness Chamber Fair is still going until July 21st! I decided to change some things up here a bit and went a little dark and sexy. I hope you enjoy!

TDCF Black Magic Poster


.:What I Am Wearing:.

Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: Izzie’s – Kayta
Head: Catwa – Annie Vamp – W/Black Lipstick
Hair: Magika – Trouble (Wearing the White Tone)
Eyes: Az… Luter Spiral Mesh Eyes (L) & (R) @TDCF ~ Black Magic July 2017
Shape: Mine.


Insanity Sparkle Black Maitreya @TDCF ~ Black Magic July 2017


* Stelloane Demoness heels & toes @TDCF ~ Black Magic July 2017
!TLB – Witchy Choker @TDCF ~ Black Magic July 2017
DP – Koffin Nails – Omega HUD – Black Magic @TDCF ~ Black Magic July 2017
l&e Boho rings


Serendipity: wish…(5) @TDCF ~ Black Magic July 2017
Serendipity: intention… (2) bento @TDCF ~ Black Magic July 2017
Serendipity: unpretentiousness… (4) @TDCF ~ Black Magic July 2017


+Spellbound+ Temple Of Illumination
[AD] [Blood Magic] Vampire Altar @TDCF ~ Black Magic July 2017
Birdy – Altar set – Candle Cluster – Black
Birdy – Altar set – Ram skull – white
{LORE} Athame